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After 10 yrs in the adult space, I've grown and evolved to a point where I can finally start giving back to an industry that gave me everything I have. That mission begins with Networthy.

Melrose Michaels

Melrose Michaels
Founder | CEO


The name Networthy derives from three concepts. The first is ‘net worth’, a nod to the fact that sex workers are true entrepreneurs in their own right. The second, is ‘internet worthy’ which references the online presence and fanbase that we foster online. Finally, the third, and most important in my opinion, is ‘worthy’, because our self worth isn’t negated by our choice in career path. This message is further reinforced by our designs and product names. I tried to be really intentional with my product titles so they either brought awareness to legislation, issues facing the sex work community, or were just plain fun. The designs followed a similar logic. The one shared experience I know I have with every other sex worker in the world, is facing the stigma of working in the adult space. I wanted to create clothing that felt like armor and could set the tone for how others interacted with me. When a stranger reads your shirt, and it confirms their suspicions about your career, you’ve taken the power away from them to shame you for it. Instead of wearing our feelings on our sleeves we’re choosing to wear the labels society places on us, and starting now we’re deciding to wear them proudly.

Our Cause

I knew from the very beginning, that I wanted Networthy to be tied to a sex-work related cause. The goal was to find a way to incentivize the SW community to help fund more resources for itself, and Pineapple Support does exactly that. Every product purchased from Networthy donates a percentage of that purchase to Pineapple Support, providing free or low cost therapy to sex workers and adult performers alike. After all, we need to support each other as much as possible, because few others are going to.


Networthy is more than just hoodies and t-shirts, we're an active community of 60,000 and counting.
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